Knox Box Program

When fighting a fire, timely access to a structure is essential. As a result, the Town of Pendleton Code (Chapter 133) requires new commercial buildings, existing commercial buildings with improvements and new multi-family residential structures to purchase, install and maintain a Knox Box rapid access system. The knox box is to contain entry devices including keys, access cards, plans, lists, etc.

Knox Boxes provide immediate emergency access to firefighters leading to increasing fire department efficiency; preventing costly forced entry damage and to allow undamaged doors to be re-secured after the emergency; and protect property, inventory, equipment and supplies as well as firefighters against possible injury.

A Town of Pendleton Fire Official (Code Enforcement Officer, Fire Marshal, Fire Chief, and or other fire department member designated by the Fire Chief should be consulted regarding knox boxes, the number needed, their location and their mounting, location and number needed. If you would like more information from WFC on the Knox Box program, please complete our Contact Form.